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Name Ryan Harrison

Why am I involved?

For me, this was something I had to be involved in. I absolutely love France, I'm a total Francophile, having studied and travelled there, plus I really enjoy keeping fit and take part in quite a few charity events. So the Tour de Force is perfect for me! I'm not exactly an expert cyclist, and while I've done some charity bike rides and cycle the few miles to work each day, this is taking it to a whole new level.

We have a great team spirit, and I know we'll all be helping each other out when it comes to the event, especially during the tough parts, of which I'm sure there will be many. We've been gorge walking recently, as another kind of team building activity, so it's benefitting us all in a lot of different ways. It's creating a real talking point in our office, every Monday morning we grill each other over how much training people have done at the weekend. If I haven't done as much as other people, then I'll be out that night racking up some more miles! There is definitely some competitiveness emerging – probably myself and James are the worst for it! - but we are all a team, and come the Tour de Force, will be only too keen to support each other.

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