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Name Neil Matthews

Why am I involved?

Signing up to the Tour de Force was something that seemed like a good idea at the time! When Michael told us all about what he planned to do, he asked us all to attend a lunchtime meeting – we had no idea what he was about to say, and when he told us, once the initial shock died down a bit, we thought it was a great idea. Once you realise what you've committed to, and think through the enormity of it, you do think 'What have I done?!' but it is going to be fantastic for us all.

I was a very keen cyclist when I was a school kid, I cycled everywhere, so it's a real return to my younger days for me. I do enjoy cycling, but I am really going to have to push myself here as I have not done much exercise for a number of years. I'm doing the first four stages, and some of the inclines are as much as 25% gradient, so the training is going to have to start with a vengeance soon. Come January, the drinking will stop and the healthy lifestyle will start – or at least that's the plan!

As well as the individual personal achievements for us all, this is a brilliant thing for us to do as a team. You work together in a whole different capacity to how you do every day, and it's benefiting us no end. While Michael and I are the oldest members of the team, we are showing the others that there's a lot of life in us old men yet!

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