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Name Jonathan Carr

Why am I involved?

I must be honest, when the idea of taking part in the Tour de Force was first put to me, I thought it was both mad and brilliant – I signed up almost immediately. My friends think I really am mad, as I'm hardly an accomplished cyclist, but opportunities like this don't come along every day and I can't wait to get started.

This is such an amazing event, it's really unique, and the kind of thing you will probably only do once in a lifetime. I used to do quite a bit of sport, but haven't done anything for a while now, so this is a perfect way to get back into it. I'm taking part in the final four stages, and after an amazing few days in the Alps, the thought of riding into Paris really completes it.

The fact we will also be supporting such a great charity as the William Wates Foundation is another inspiration for us all to give it everything we've got. As well as the personal challenge, there is also the motivation to raise money for a cause that does so much good.

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