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Name James Swiers

Why am I involved?

When I was younger, I used to cycle for hours with my dad. He was a very keen cyclist, and has done the Coast to Coast both ways. I used to have a bike and we would cycle all kinds of routes, but I haven't done anything like that for years. So when the opportunity to take part in the Tour de Force came along, I was keen to get back into something I previously enjoyed so much. I think my dad will probably be wondering how I am going to do it, after so many years out of practice, but he will be very proud. If not a little jealous.

Signing up to do the Tour de Force has been great for us as a team, both inside and outside of work. We all really want to support Michael, but it's also strengthened our team spirit. There is a bit of healthy competition between some of us, but that's great and really drives us on. We will raise money for a fantastic charity too, so we are all absolutely determined to do this.

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